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Audience Targeting in a Nutshell

What is Audience Targeting?

            Audience targeting is designed to reach out to the consumers based on their interests and demographics. The ways that they are targeted vary, depending on their industry. However, in today’s day in age they are all mainly done through digital methods. These online methods include Social Media and targeted ads while other methods include physical targeting like mailers and billboards. Additionally there are ways to combine physical targeting like location into digital methods.

            The overall method of audience targeting includes the identifying core consumers, and matching your value proposition with their needs. This allows for your product to be in front of the right people in the right places at the right time. Once you identify your target audience you will be able to reach out to your fanbase and acquire the customers you need.

Identify your Target Audience

  1. Website Visitation Data – this is where users are tracked as they go onto your website, allowing you to see their likes and interests. (google antilogics)
  1. Psychographic (Interests/Lifestyle) Data – This strategy is about identifying consumers likes and interests. (forms and consumers studies are great ways to get feedback)
  1. Social Engagement Data – using consumers’ social media to target them.
  1. Third-Party Behavioral Data – this is when third parties track consumer behaviors among sites, then sell them to the producer.
  1. Geographical Data – this is using geographics to target different audiences. For example, someone in Alaska would be more likely to buy a winter coat than someone in Florida.
  1. Demographic Data – this is similar to geographical date but instead, using race and gender to choose different audiences to target.
  1. Conversational Data – Understanding communications from emails, SMS text, and other conversation-style engagements.

What’s Next?

            With these tools for discovering your target audience, reach out and engage your consumers effectively. In order to help aid in your targeted audience, here are a few tips:

  1. Look at your analytics to learn more about your targeted audience
    1. Observe and change to better suit your audience
  2. Engage with audiences by conducting focus groups
    1. Reach out and ask the audience. What’s the worst that could happen?
  3. Create useful content on social media to appeal to your targeted audience
    1. Catch their eye on social media that will both help and bring in customers
  4. A/B test your targeting to ensure it’s impactful
    1. Create two versions of a marketing ad and get feedback! It will help show if your ads are impactful
  5. Run one creative ad, but personalize for various audiences
    1. Allows for a feeling of personalization for different audiences, ensures that your audiences feel targeted

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