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From IRL to URL – The Power of Online Networking

Evolution of Networking

Networking has gone through many substantial changes, it has become more beneficial and readily available to people of all ages. In the past, the most successful person would be the valedictorian /student that excelled within the top percent of his or her peers during schooling. 

In today’s day in age, the best  job opportunities have transitioned more from what you know to who you know. 

Technology has allowed for these opportunities to be seized by everyone, from the working people to the general public.  

Integration of Technology to Networking

While networking might have always been a thing people have done since the beginning of time, now that people are understanding the significance of networking, it has undergone much technological innovation. 

These innovations include websites such as:

  • Linkedin
  • Handshake
  • Indeed

Benefits of these websites:

  1. allows for students and people entering or already in the work environment to connect with recruiters
  2. allow people to stay in contact with others since you never know when or how an opportunity might present itself 
  3. Social media has allowed networking to be available to people of all ages and advantage can be taken from this, including starting them while they are young

Advantages of “Starting Them While They Are Young”

  • Beginning networking early is a sure way to open doors
  • Develop “clout” for future networking
  • Helps children get noticed, especially in pursuing a career in sports
  • Increases opportunities in the workplace, giving you more options

Benefits of Today’s Networking

“It’s who you know, not what you know” – networking has allowed individuals to acquire positions in corporations even though they might not have had the best resume, or been the most suitable candidate. 

“Seize the opportunity” – This might not always be a bad thing, since anyone has the chance to excel when they are in the right environment. 

This is more of an incentive to start networking and making connections to better your future and sustain more opportunities in the work environment.

Tips for Connecting Online:

  • Create a full social media profile
  • Research people and topics that interest you
  • Schedule video calls
  • SMILE!

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