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Getting Started on a Calendar

Scheduling Across Your Media Mix

Bottom Line: Brands get noticed when they optimize where their attention is being captured. Influencers leverage brand awareness to capitalize on their followers, the most efficient way possible. They do this by implementing a schedule for their content mix. The content mix can be scheduled by month, week, day, and time of day for maximum impact. Influencers create content (picture, video, voice), write post copy, include hashtags, and any other tags specific to their overall message.

Your calendar is never intended to be strictly a sales arm. Being a resource of information for your clients creates a sense of comfort. This positions you as the influencer or thought leader in your industry.

Calendar Types:

  1. General – Holidays and Events
  2. Content – Business Updates & Offers
  3. Promotion – Scheduled Offers

The Perks:

  • Creating Up-to-Date Content
  • Visualized Scheduling
  • Organized Flow & Tracking
  • Consistency Breeds Brand Trust
  • Build the Brand’s Voice
  • No missing out on opportunities to deliver your message during peak times

Who Uses Social Media Calendars?

First, and foremost, successful online brands schedule their social media calendars. However, going deeper into today’s trends of who uses social media calendars, below are a few examples:

Marketing Team

Marketing teams have tons of moving social components, they will use the calendar in order to organize and allow for everyone involved in the project to be on the same page of social promotion

Small Businesses

SB use social calendars to save time and be consistent when resources are limited, allowing for more focus on other aspects of the small business 


having social calendars in order to manage multiple accounts of posting on social media

Media companies

by creating editorial content, social media promotion will be needed, using the calendar allows for efficiency


allows for personal use to get the most out of posting at the best times for views and promoting brands

If these mind-boggling details haven’t caught your attention, then feel free to click the link below to learn more:

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