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Virtual Coaching -

Coaching: Social Distancing Edition

What is Virtual Coaching?

Coaches are experienced people who support a learner or client that is seeking to achieve a personal or professional goal. The coach provides training and guidance through their own experience in order to help reach this goal. A virtual coach is a regular coach but doing all the same guidance online, usually for the same goal.

The types of virtual coaching vary and there is a coach for almost every type of situation. Below there is a list of the different types of regular coaches that are most common down below, which translates to virtual coaching as well. Along with that are the 5 benefits most noticed when using online coaching instead of in-person coaching.

7 Types of Coaching

  1. Executive Coaching – aiding leaders or managers in an organization, in hopes of improving their skills, performance, and leadership roles.
  2. Leadership Coaching – This is usually held by leaders with an abundance of previous leadership roles. This is when leaders specifically focus on improving the roles of other leaders.
  3. Career Coaching – This is when leaders focus on an individual’s career and career development.
  4. Team Coaching – Improving a teams performance, while also fulfilling the lives of its members.
  5. Business Coaching – Providing support, feedback, and advice to improve the performance of individuals in the business setting.
  6. Systemic Coaching – This coaching focuses on organizational change as well as the entities within the organization.
  7. Life Coaching – Focuses on individuals’ development, career paths, and way of life.

5 Benefits of Online Coaching for Clients

  1. More options for meeting with the coach outside of regular hours
  2. Helps for allowing options for people living in remote communities
  3. Just-in-time learning for clients so they can get coached at any time
  4. Connecting with peers from a wider cross-section providing anonymity
  5. Connect with others from the same industry in different parts of the world

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