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SEO vs. Content Strategy – Market Research – DataBox

Which Comes First? SEO or Content Strategies? My response will shock you - Featured on DataBox

According to Travis Lodolinski of Traventures Media Group, “There’s another key element that determines Content Strategy or SEO Strategy when strategizing: Market Research.” “It should come as no surprise to you that you are not recreating the wheel in your business space. Or, maybe you are. Either way, a comprehensive market research study gives definitive answers […]

Landing Page Conversion – ReferralRock

Landing Page Conversions - ReferralRock |

Travis Lodolinski from Traventures Media lists off his tips for high-performing landing page conversion: “To start, contrasting colors is a critical aspect of simple legibility. If you can’t read the copy, whether in the page, graphics, or video your efforts are shot down just as soon as they got started. Secondly, if your landing page is […]

The ART in URL – Brand Thinking Module

The ART in URL - Intro | Trav.Media

History of Branding In historic times, art was a way of communicating to one another. Today, we take a more literal approach to communicating and even try to position our brand as such, with brands that typically get confused with the household name, like Kleenex and Jacuzzi. Together, we’re going to analyze the ins and […]