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Travis Scott Lodolinski | Trav.Media

Travis Lodolinski from Traventures Media lists off his tips for high-performing landing page conversion:

“To start, contrasting colors is a critical aspect of simple legibility. If you can’t read the copy, whether in the page, graphics, or video your efforts are shot down just as soon as they got started. Secondly, if your landing page is NOT optimized for mobile, you’ve lost more than half of your intended audience. Additionally, to take a page out of Wufoo co-founder Kevin Hale’s book, you need to find elements of your offer that ‘Enchant and Amaze.’ This technique is used to enhance the viewer’s experience and can be implemented into your copy, design/layout, forms, images, and offers. The trick is to use ‘wit’  in constructing the intended experience for your user. This will lead to a better overall experience for both the customer and customer service. Take a step back and review.”

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