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Paramount Die Co. Tradeshow Booth Concept Design -

Focus: Retro-fitting for Attention

Designed in the Spring of 2019, Paramount Die Co. approached Founder/CEO, Travis Scott Lodolinski, with a project to overhaul their tradeshow booth for their China conference. Previously “designed”, the booth’s framework gave the team a beautiful canvas to begin their seasoned handy work.

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Reto fit their old tradeshow booth with a branded design while providing the Paramount Die Co. team with marketing education strategically displayed at key interest points throughout the booth.


Overhauling a piece where there are many floating pieces and being able to tie all pieces into the overall booth experience.


  • Built trust in the executive team for creative license
  • Created an overall vision for the booth experience
  • Successfully integrated and transformed previously archived documentation into new brand guidelines

View website for branding comparison >

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