The Value of ChatBots

TravBot Academy _ The Value of ChatBots

A TravBot Academy Lesson

Building Personal Automation

More and more people are accustomed to operating automated message replies when it comes to a valued product or service. So much so that people have high expectations with their chatbot interactions. Let’s tighten up our messaging and start giving people what they expect – not what you want to push down their virtual throats.

What to Expect

We break this lesson down into 4 sections, including:

  1. Use Cases – Types of Convos
  2. Convo Flow
  3. Convo Sequence
  4. Create the Message

Use Cases – Types of Flows

This section covers the overall message themes, including:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Drive Sales
  • In-App Sales
  • Customer Service

Convo Flow

From the 1st time you engaged with the customer to provide value to continuing a conversation to reach your desired engagement.

Convo Sequences

Convo Sequences allow you to automate a follow-up message with your interested user.

Create the Message

Crafting tools that help you engage with your audience in a clear and concise manner.

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