A Message from Your Cambria Regional Chamber President

Amy Bradley, President - Cambria Regional Chamber of Commerce

A Message from Your Cambria Regional Chamber President – Chambers of Commerce COVID-19 Response

Taking businesses by surprise, COVID-19 has left many without a plan of action. While some have closed their doors for social distancing, others have opened online – having to quickly learn a different kind of social (media). Fortunately, Chambers of Commerce have jumped to the aid by being a mouthpiece for business resources.

While most are familiar with “A Message from Your Chamber President” emails, they rushed to deliver a different kind of email.

“We transitioned from a Weekly Newsletter to a Daily newsletter in lieu of COVID,” stated Amy Bradley, Cambria Regional Chamber, President.

June 22, 2020 – A Chamber of Commerce President for Pennsylvania’s Cambria County region, Amy Bradley serves approximately 570 (business) members with 3 additional staffers in the Alleghenies, including:

Jennifer TiffanyMembership DirectorSocial MediaDebrah OrnerVice PresidentState and US Chamber RepresentativePlanning of EventsGovernment ActionJen Fisher Office ManagerManages the Billing Works Behind ScenesHelps Plan Events

Rather than panicking, Amy and her staff jumped into action with outreach and thoughtful gestures to support local businesses. While there are many heartwarming deeds taking place during this time of economic despair, here is a list of initiatives that the Cambria Regional Chamber has been supporting:

“Weekly Newsletter [transitioned] to Daily newsletter due to COVID”Focused on retail and restaurants resourcesShared info on financial events for small businessesRegulations and restrictions for reopening safelyBecame an important vehicle to help businesses stay informedBack to Business GuideRegulationsWhere to get help Resources from GovernmentUs ChamberState ChamberElected Officials

We have also found that Amy has communicated with her staff via Zoom. While Amy has returned to the office, others on staff have not yet returned. While this pandemic has resulted in the Board of Chambers canceling one of the biggest fundraisers of the year, Amy and her staff have been the light at the end of the tunnel. To gain understanding of the conflicts Amy faced, here are her answers to our questions about the Covid-19 impact:

Question: What was the first email you replied to?


  • Daily emails when quarantine started
  • Companies can post how they’re doing in the newsletter
  • Talking about emailing a couple of times per week

Question: What was your initial reaction?


  • The theme of the newsletter needed to be very encouraging with lots of information
  • People were appreciative of the efforts we provided
  • The mission to keep feeding accurate information to those in need

Question: How was the change to remote networking and operations?


  • Not a fan of online teaching at first
  • Staff had to get used to the online movement
  • Wasn’t a good start, but got better over time
  • Offering a virtual option for future events
  • Coming out of this stronger and more creative

Question: Will you push online events after the virus?


  • Yes, people liked it better
  • Better attendance
  • Thinks events will thrive virtually

Question: How did you adjust marketing tactics?


  • Opened information to non-members
  • Wanted to help people that were in need
  • Felt like it was their job to keep people positive 
  • Sharing information from living facilities 

Question: How well were companies prepared for digital marketing transition?


  • Not well prepared
  • Still able to send out daily content
  • Were able to grow social media

Question: What did planning and execution look like when rolling out the first ‘Go Green’ initiative?


  • Hard to engage board during this time
  • Staff met daily
  • Needed to have information out sooner
  • Got help/ideas from other chambers
  • Featured companies reopening on the Cambria Regional Chamber’s Facebook page

As the current troubles continue, organizations like the Cambria Regional Chamber contribute to lead less fortunate companies towards a more prosperous future. The selflessness of Chambers helps create a domino effect for other companies to play a part in the push for all companies to succeed during tough times. Here at Trav Media Group, we look to achieve the same goal and help the digital footprints for companies at a time when the digital marketplace is much more essential. We find the efforts of Cambria Regional Chamber to be genuine and insightful as their leaders push to drive companies out of the current and future hardships.

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