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Social media marketing consistently evolves, developing new ways for you to get in front of your audience. These ‘tried and true’ techniques are extremely valuable – and, proven to drive sales.

Social Media Marketing Packages

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  • Automation - Upload to All in One Click

    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Automation

    Let’s Start Posting

    Post to one, post to them ALL. All posts will be shown in their native format as though you posted directly from them individually.

    Our marketing professionals setup your intuitive platforms to display direct posts. Manage what’s seen with specific hashtags. They make sure every loose end is tied up to make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

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  • Social Media Page Setup

    Social Media Setup | Product |

    Social Media Page Setup

    Let’s Start Posting

    If you are like most people, trying to get your feet wet and know you need a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or other social media page and not sure where to start, you are in the right place.

    Our marketing professionals guide you through the social media jungle. They make sure every loose end is tied up to make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

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  • Social Media Store Setup

    Social Store Setup | Product |

    Social Store Setup

    Posts = Sales

    Build out your online inventory and create offerings, whether you sell the product yourself or promote using affiliate marketing. This allows you to promote products you normally wouldn’t have access to. Social media sites now have it set so that you can sell AND track your sales directly from your business page.

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  • Monthly Ad Design

    Monthly Ad Design - Boost+Advertise | Product |

    Monthly Ad Design

    Create Unique Branded Content

    This package includes 6. Yes, 6 monthly designs. You can choose how you want them branded. For instance, 3 of them can be for weekly specials and the other 3 can be special promotions for events. The designs are tailored to your needs and equipped with your branding.

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Quick Tips:

  • Go LIVE – Raw video is incredibly engaging – and you don’t even have to be in the video!
  • Advertising – Pound for pound, online advertising is proven to target more customers than traditional advertising AND is more cost-effective.
  • Content, Content, Content – Social media packages available naturally help you develop content.
    Training and Monthly management package available


Social Media

Manage social from one place

Ad Design

Includes 6 custom designed ads

Social Media
Store Setup

$250.00/25 items
$25 per additional item
Includes landing page and/or PayPal integration

Social Media
Page Review
+ Setup

Setup your page to be found

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